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By helping thousands of Minnesotans find their way in the mental health system each year, by being out in the community to educate providers and the general public, and by developing relationships with Local Advisory Councils across the state, Mental Health Minnesota finds out what's working and what's not.

We take what we learn, and press for changes that make Minnesota's mental health system stronger and more responsive to people's needs.  Mental health has been a bipartisan issue at the state and federal level, and Mental Health Minnesota works with a broad coalition of providers, advocates, and agencies to create policies and laws that recognize and foster recovery from mental illness, in the community, all around the state.

2015 Session Review

2015 was a historic year for mental health in Minnesota.  With $50 million in new funding for mental health for the next two years, we expect big moves forward in our response to crisis, early intervention, and supporting recovery in the community.  
Check out our summary of the funding and changes you can expect over the coming months.

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Past Updates

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MHAM Values and Priorities

 What does MHAM work for at the capitol and around the state?  Learn more about our values, and why individuals need to be empowered to be leaders in their own recovery.

Contacting Your Elected Officials

Access names and contact information as well as helpful tips for conveying your message to legislators.

For helpful direction in Making Your Case, use this guide for grassroots advocacy and organizing.

Register to Vote and Find Your Polling Place

Did you know that you can register to vote online? Click here to find out more about voter registration and how to find your polling place.