Ambassador Network


Our Ambassador Network is comprised of individuals living with mental illness who seek to advocate, inform and inspire.  They speak and write to persons responsible for transforming our mental health system at the legislature or at state agencies, those delivering mental health services, the media, or the population at large.

Joining the Ambassador Network enables you to tell your specific stories about navigating the mental health care system.  In doing so, you demonstrate that recovery is possible. The network also enables you to find mutual support from like minded people. 

Aside from speaking and writing opportunities, we also have a private facebook group.  This forum explores how the mental health care system is responsive to our needs and how it fails to provide us with what we need as persons living with mental illness.  Once a week our moderator will post a question about a specific aspect of the mental health care system. We seek ambassadors who want to add to the liveliness of the discussions. If you would like to join the ambassador facebook group, please click here.

As a Mental Health Minnesota Ambassador you will help in spreading the message of recovery, wellness and hope across the state of Minnesota! 

If you would like to join the Ambassador Network, please contact Emily at

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