Get Involved

How can you get involved and support mental health education and advocacy? There are many ways, you can:

  • Sign up for the Voice — Sent five times a year, the Voice has powerful stories of people who are working towards their recovery with the help of our advocates.  We also include policy updates, news on mental health research, and recognize the support our donors give us.
  • Sign up for weekly Mental Health Minnesota Updates — Sent weekly during the Legislative Session, and as needed throughout the year, the Mental Health Minnesota Updates give you a concise summary of activity at the legislature, rulemaking, and developments at the state and county levels with an impact on mental health.

Join us on Facebook

Get news and updates from Mental Health Minnesota on a variety of topics and join in on the conversation on Facebook.

Read Legislative Updates

Get the latest news from from the Minnesota State Legislature on the Legislative Update page.

Find Upcoming Events

Upcoming event listings are available on Mental Health Minnesota's Calendar Of Events page.

Share a Page

See something you like on the Mental Health Minnesota website?  An event you're excited about, or resource you think more people should know about?  There's a great way to share that in a variety of ways.  Look for the orange "Share" button at the bottom of each page, click on it, and then select the format you want to share it with such as Blogger, Twitter, or Facebook.  

Mental Health Advisory Councils

 Mental Health Advisory Council meetings meet regularly and are open to the public.  

Request A Presentation

You can request an on-site presentation for specific topics through our Order Presentations page. If you desire further information about our presentation offerings, please contact us:

Phone: 651-493-6634 or 800-862-1799

Contact Your Elected Officials

Help impact public policy by communicating your concerns directly to your elected officials. Mental Health Minnesota provides contact information and resources to assist your efforts.

Become A Volunteer

Mental Health Minnesota would not be possible without the support of volunteers and interns. We greatly appreciate all the time and efforts from all participants and would like to invite you to join our cause.

Make A Donation

As a non-profit organization, we count on the good will of the public to fund our cause. Thanks to the investments our community has made in us, we have become an effective resource in the education and treatment of mental disorders. Our operation relies on continued investments to continue performing at our capacity.

We ask for your help to support our efforts.