Find Support

Support is available! Utilize the resources within these pages to find support for mental health disorders.

Mental Health Advocacy

A primary function of Mental Health Minnesota is to advocate individual mental health as well as track and promote relevant congressional issues.

Minnesota Warmline

Open Tuesday-Saturday
4 PM to 10 PM

Metro: 651-288-0400

Toll Free: 877-404-3190

The Warmline is a safe and secure phone line for people working on their recovery.

Support Groups

Mental Health Minnesota sponsors support groups and provides support group listings as a resource for people of interest or need.

Mental Health Screenings

A mental health screening can assist  an individual in identifying common disorders and serve as an initiative to seek further treatment.

Workplace Resources

The Workplace Program provides resources to educate employers and employees about the effect of mental health in the workplace and best practices for support a positive atmosphere.

Order Mental Health Minnesota Publications

MHAM publishes a variety of materials which can be ordered online and delivered via mail and email.

Interact through Facebook

To interact with us and other members of the MHAM community, please join us on Facebook. We have regular updates on mental health news in Minnesota on a variety of topics, with special attention to some of the fast moving developments at the Minnesota Legislature. It's a great way to get involved, and let us know about what's on your mind.

Resource Listings