Success Stories

We are proud to bring improved lives to those with whom we work. Read these stories that highlight our successes in improving the lives of people with mental illnesses. Note: Names and identifying factors have been changed to protect the anonymity of our clients. 

Matt lives in an outer ring suburb of the Twin Cities. He likes his home and neighborhood; however, he relies on public transportation to get around, and there is only one grocery store within walking distance from his house. When he ran into a conflict with the one grocery store in the neighborhood, he found himself without a place to shop for food. 

Calvin is a young man enrolled in college in Minnesota. During one semester, Calvin was diagnosed with a mental illness and had to take an extended leave for treatment. The school had a strict attendance policy, and when Calvin requested to re-enroll in his program, the school officials denied his request. Calvin had already invested a great deal of time, money, and energy in his chosen field of study and did not want to walk away from pursuing his education. Moreover, he felt that staying in school would give him the structure and confidence he needed to remain healthy.

Emily was a victim of domestic violence. Because of her abuse, she developed posttraumatic stress disorder. She experienced panic attacks and flashbacks, and found it difficult to leave her apartment to do the things she enjoyed. Emily felt trapped by her fear, and grew hopeless and depressed. At times, she considered ending her life. Read more...

Joe lives with schizophrenia. He is thankful that it has been 15 years since he was homeless. Joe does very well living independently in the community. He is a friendly and quiet neighbor. He sees his doctor and therapist, follows their advice, and takes care of himself. However, despite Joe’s best efforts, he came close to losing his home. Joe’s landlord informed him that his lease would not be renewed.

Cheryl has been a strong, caring, and loving advocate for her son, David, for almost 20 years. As with many people diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, David experiences a number of ups and downs, however, an effective treatment regimen seemed to be in place. The positive symptoms, the voices and the delusions, were well controlled, but the negative manifestations of the condition remained. David was moving more and more into his own world, withdrawing physically and emotionally from friends and family. When he did connect with others, he was always angry. This was very hard to see in a son who had shown so much capacity for enjoyment. Read more...

For several years, Linda experienced powerful depression during the winter months in Minnesota. She tried medication, with some improvement, but substantial symptoms remained over the dark days of the long Minnesota winter.

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