About Mental Health Minnesota

Mental Heath Minnesota, formerly known as the Mental Health Association of Minnesota (MHAM) was founded in 1939 and was the state’s first mental health advocacy and education organization. We listen to the needs of community members, respond to those needs, and work to make positive changes in the lives of individuals and in public policy.

Our deep concerns about stigma, discrimination, inadequate services, and other challenges have shaped our goals, programs, and results.

Our vision is improved lives for people with mental illnesses.

  • Through our Outreach Program, we raise awareness of mental health issues in the general public and offer programs and resources to individuals, families, employers, and youth.
  • Individual Advocates help individuals and families navigate the mental health system and access community resources for mental health care, housing, employment, and other services.
  • Our Issues Advocacy Program focuses on public policy and represents people with mental illnesses to: ensure and maintain parity in health care coverage for mental health; increase funding for community-based services; improve services in local communities through county funding from the state; and ensure due process for social services.

We are entering our 75th year. You can find out more about how we got where we are today by reading our history. Download The History of MHAM: Celebrating 70 Years of Mental Health Advocacy and Education in Minnesota to find out more.